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Besides Daniel October Newsletter: NoiseTrade Grab Bag and Loudfund

Happy Fall, Friends!

I am proud to say that I am partnering with a brand new tech start-up company called Loudfund ( to fund my next record release (expect said record in the Spring of 2015). Not only am I stoked to create another group of tunes for your beautiful ears, but I am very, VERY impressed by Loudfund’s brilliant new method of raising capital. (it’s similar to PledgeMusic and Kickstarter but much cooler).

This is an unprecedented way of giving you folks -the fans and listeners- a chance to partner with me, or any other Loudfund artist. They do this by literally offering royalties to the fans. That’s right! FYI a Royalty is kinda like buying stock in a company. A royalty payment is made to the legal owner of a property, patent, copyrighted work or franchise by those who wish to make use of it. Meaning, if you chose to, you can own a portion of my next record and depending on how successful the record is (how many digital downloads it gets) you’ll receive payments for your “stock” in the project! Read More